Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – Final Trailer “Burn”

So Mockingjay Part 1 is coming…

Grab your tickets! Re-read the books! Marathon the movies! Get excited cause there’s less than two weeks left and then we’ll all be off to see half the action of Suzanne Collins’ third and final book in The Hunger Games trilogy.

But before we get there, we have one last trailer for the film by the name “Burn”. If you’ve read the book you’ll instantly know what that’s a reference to and if you don’t (go read the book!) the line’s in the trailer for you. It’s only a short trailer (1 minute) which surprised me since final cut trailers are usually at least 2 minutes long. But no worries, it was still enough to reduce me to tears.

You can watch the trailer here.

So here’s what I thought:

  • Visually, it looks stunning – There’s a lot of amazing snippets of the hovercrafts, the damn breaking and just general wide shots that look really show off how amazing all the graphics and the action scenes are promised to be. The editing on them is very polished and although we’ve seen most of the footage in that trailer in other smaller previews, the way they pulled the clips together in this final trailer elevates it to another level really.
  • The music – the people who edited this trailer really weren’t holding back on the booms and intense scoring. The whole thing is saying: HERE I AM I AM EPIC GO WATCH ME  with just how the music was used. They’ve been smart with the places they’ve layered on the dialogue so it’s not just one minute of intensity strong enough to give you an anxiety attack. The music is really out there but it does suit it for a final trailer. A+ score choice.
  • The acting – I forget how much I love Jennifer Lawrence. And that’s bad because she’s so talented. That delivery was on point and even better than I imagined as I read the line from the book itself. The trailer really makes me excited to see her on the screen again (I haven’t seen Silver Lining’s Playbook or Serena yet whoops) and be THE Katniss again.
  • Not much of the plot explained – all we really get from, not just this one but other trailers too, is: there’s going to be some kind of revolution, there’ll be action scenes while Peeta is taken hostage, which, when you think about it, we could have gathered from the ending of Catching Fire. Therefore I would have liked a few more sentence of dialogue.
  • On a side note: there was an amazing amount of shots of a damn breaking during the trailer which looks amazing but bothers me because I really don’t remember anything to do with a damn or water for that matter. But I guess my memory could be playing up.  (I’ll re-read it before the film, promise.)

The countdown is on. What did you think? Leave a comment or tweet me @bookrambles :3


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