Insurgent ‘Defy Reality’ Trailer – trailer talk

  • The. Editing. Is. Beautiful. It’s always the first thing I look out for when I watch a trailer because editing videos used to be my hobby for a long time so seeing how great the trailer flows is wonderful to me. It corresponds really well with the score and I could write paragraphs and paragraphs more on it but I should probably stop at that. It’s gorgeous.
  • I really liked the recurring theme of the glass breaking which is something which we saw in the Divergent trailer. I really hope that was intentional and does carry onto the Allegiant trailers and movies in the future.
  • I feel like the Lionsgate company have a tenancy to change the plot of the film from the book and I just want to say that it’s not a bad thing. This is a rant for another day, another post that I may or may not publish in the future, but I don’t think being that person that rages and explodes if the film is even remotely different from the book is not helpful whatsoever and is, frankly, pointless.
  • The trailer was action packed from start to finish and I simply could not look away. There were so many amazing shots in just two minutes, it makes you feel like the whole movie is going to be this intense. My favourite shot is probably the one with Tris closing a set of doors and then ducking just before a series of bullets are shot through the door. Just imagine watching that on in the cinema with the speakers and the big screen. Amazing.
  • I feel like I always talk about the score when I talk about trailers but that’s because it’s a super important element. I feel like the music in this trailer is great. It sustains the tension and it’s really out there with the dramatic booms and whatnot.
  • They tried to explain too much in this trailer. I think distributing it more evenly over other trailers and the final cut one that’s yet to come would have been more effective. For someone that has read the books, it’s great seeing the factionless,  divergent hunting, Amity etc. But for a first real trailer, I think they’ve got too much going on at the same time and talking to some of my friends that have not read the book, they seemed to be slightly confused on what’s actually going down.

What did you think of the first Insurgent trailer? Let me know :3


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