Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey – book thoughts

edEd Sheeran: A Visual Journey || Ed Sheeran x Phillip Butah || Autobiography || 224 pages || Running Press || 4.69 on Goodreads

 RATING: [4/5]

Let me start off by saying why I wanted to read this book. I’m not the biggest fan of non-fiction. I don’t usually read it for entertainment but as soon as I knew this book existed, I made a request for it in the library. I’ve always been a massive Ed Sheeran fan so I listen to his music when I’m writing or reading or simply having a bad day. I know both his albums backwards and forwards and I hope to see him on tour sometime soon.

I’m assuming if you want to read about Ed Sheeran you would have heard of his songs but I do recommend that you listen to both his albums before starting it or listen to them as you read. It’s amazing how much of a link there is between the lyrics and his experiences. Therefore, I hope that anyone wanting to read this will get the chance to listen to both his albums.


Let’s start at the beginning-ish of the book. Ed Sheeran dropped out of school at the age of 16. This really struck me when I first read it because he never once said, ‘Stay in school,’ or anything of the sorts. I’m not saying this is a bad thing or a good thing but it is different which is why I really like it. I’m still in school and although I know some people that want to and some people that will drop out, it’s always been drilled into us that further education is the way forward. What makes this interesting is that Ed shows that he dropped out of school, something that you could say society isn’t really fond of, and then still shown that you could be successful. His attitude was really refreshing and kept me wanting to read more.

As I said above, I’m a huge fan of his songs and so a highlight for me was actually getting to know when they were put together and what inspired them. There isn’t a story for every single song but the ones that do have a background tale are really fun to read about because these are the song that I fell in love with and have been listening to for years now. My favourite has to be ‘The A Team’ about the girl in at the Crisis Shelter Homeless event.

And finally, I have to say I did love how casual his tone was throughout the book. The main reason why I usually turn away from non-fiction because its formality bores and I feel like I’m reading a text book. This book doesn’t really have that. Ed swears and uses phrases such as, ‘It was really cool’ which really got me liking his personality. It felt like I was listening to a friend telling me a story, not something as official as an autobiography.

What was your favourite part of the book? Did it make you like Ed Sheeran more? What as your favourite sketch or piece of art?


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