The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain – book thoughts

The Prince and the Pauper by Mark TwainThe Prince and the Pauper || Mark Twain || Classic || 240 pages || 3.81 on Goodreads

Two boys: the same age, almost the same face. The one difference: Tom Canty is a child of the London slums; Edward Tudor is heir to the throne. How insubstantial this difference is becomes clear when a chance encounter leads to an exchange of clothing and of roles…

I wasn’t really sure why I picked up this story. I saw it at the library, it looked short and so I took it home. I didn’t know much about it when I picked it up so I dived into the story blind which is something I loved to do every once in a while.

You can’t talk about this story without saying how gorgeous it is. It held that fairy tale charm, especially at the beginning, which was really what made me want to carry on with the story. It’s all about dreaming and dreams coming true and adventure and I adored that about the book. If this story wasn’t a classic and therefore was written a bit simpler, I would definitely read it to my younger sister. That being said, I think that this story can be loved by anyone.

With this fairy tale vibe, I also couldn’t shake off the feeling that the story felt unrealistic. For some people that would have been part of the appeal but for me it was like an irritating buzz in the back of my mind that made me enjoy the book less.

I am giving this book an overall rating of 3 stars because I felt like it was a good story but it didn’t necessarily blow me away and I would recommend some other classics before I would recommend this one.


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