Nattie’s Catch Up (August ’15)


What is this? Nattie’s Catch Up? This is new!

Yes it is! Nattie’s Catch Up what I decided to call a monthly feature that will go alongside my monthly wrap up. It’s a chance for me to tell you a bit about me and how great (or terrible) my month has been!

What I loved

  1. Tyler Oakley’s Auguest – I don’t think I’ve ever said it on this blog, but I’m a huge fan of Youtubers. Dan and Phil, The Fine Bros, Caspar Lee and too many booktubers to name in this post. One of my absolutely favourites is Tyler Oakley and August is a very special month when he collaborates with 20 different people and posts a collab every single weekday. I’m an over-the-top fangirl when it comes to Tyler Oakley I couldn’t be happier with so many videos. This whole month I’ve dying of laughter because of them. Plus, he collaborated with my other faves like Dan and Phil, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig. What’s not to love?
  2. Halsey – Speaking of over-the-top fangirling, Halsey just released her debut album! Oh God is it amazing. I’ve listened to nothing but her voice since it came out yesterday at midnight (and you know I stayed up for that) and I not getting bored yet. She’s got such an amazing tone to her voice and her lyrics are incredible. Everyone should go listen to her, especially the song New Americana. I also love Castle because it’s basically both Katniss’ (from The Hunger Games) and Celeana’s (from Throne of Glass) anthem. Colors is also a favourite. In short: go listen to Halsey. She’s brilliant.
  3. Visiting my family in Poland – Seeing my family in Poland at the start of the month was a visit that was long overdue. I haven’t seen them in years! Skype calls are all good but we all know they’re not the real deal. I managed to see both my grandparents, my cousins, my aunt and other people I haven’t seen in a long time. PLUS I got to walk my gran’s dog ever day and I met the cutest 3 month old puppy in the world!


What I hated

  1. Bugs and things that fly– While I was in Poland I spent many many days by the pool which was mostly fun, except for a few things: ants, flies, wasps, bees, dragonflies and mosquitoes. The only good ones were the butterflies, For the 50+ hours in total that I spent by the pool, I could hardly relax for an hour without thinking “Was that just the breeze or is it another ant on my leg?”
  2. The heat – 40 degrees Celsius in the shade. Every, Single. Day. To any Americans, that’s 104 degrees Fahrenheit. I was absolutely m e l t i n g.
  3. Summer reading – Now, don’t get me wrong,I love reading. It’s the whole reason I made this blog. But being told what to read and how much time I have to read it is not my thing. The titles that I got set were A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. There’s others too but we weren’t supposed to read over the summer. Summer reading, even if I enjoy the book by the end, slows down my reading pace and kills my motivation to read. That’s not great, especially when August was supposed to be the month I get out of my reading slump. Siiiiiigh.

IMG_1577 IMG_1578

Tell me about your month! What has been you highlight and the what happened that just wasn’t the best?


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