Nattie’s Catch Up (September ’15)


The Highs

Remembering how beautiful seaside towns are during autumn – At the very very beginning of September, before school began, my family and I managed to make the most of one of the last sunny days of the year and headed for the seaside. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t the greatest weather but it didn’t matter because I adore cute towns by the sea like the one we went to. It had the cliffs and cream parlors (although I went with a hot chocolate on the day) and pebbled beaches (and some sandy ones too!). It was pretty and not too hot which was great because I haven’t felt so relaxed since!

IMG_1583 IMG_1585  IMG_1602 IMG_1603

The Great British Bake Off – If you could represent Britain with just one show, The Great British Bake Off would be it. It’s a baking competition that takes place in a big tent in the middle of a field where the presenters make bad (yet hilarious!) puns, one of the judges is an lovely 80-year-old lady and everybody cries when someone has the leave the tent every week. The phrase “soggy bottom” alone is the single most British thing I’ve ever heard. What more could you want?


Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon – Not her actual honeymoon cause that would be weird. I’m talking about her new album that came out only about a week ago! I’ve loved Lana Del Rey for years and years now and although her first album will always be my favourite, Honeymoon is so so good and I’ve definitely got plans to see her when she goes on tour.

giphy tumblr_nt1560mo9z1qb4lmho3_500

The Low

The stress – I’d be lying if I said school is easy right now. It’s such a big leap from last year in workload and difficulty and I’m not sure how I’m not sleeping during half of my breaks. It’s getting more difficult to fit in my reading time but so far I’m managing (only just) and soon, hopefully, I’ll be doing a lot less of this:


ENOUGH ABOUT ME. Tell me how your September has gone! Did you go back to school? Work? What music album are you obsessing over that I should probably give a shot? I’m a sucker for any kind of cooking competition, not just Bake Off and especially if it has Gordon Ramsay in it so tell which show on TV you have a weakness for!

Here’s to a wonderful October!



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