Top Ten Tropes I Want to Stop Reading About


First of all I have to say that this is very much a lighthearted list. Yeah, yeah, these things are annoying but when done right, some of them can be great. Ahhh I had a lot of fun making this list and although I’m looking straight at some fantasy authors when I list some of these, all genres have them from time to time so let’s get into it.

tumblr_npyl0mTTh21tg72yro2_2501. Everyone is straight

This one is one of the things that bug me the most when reading fantasy/dystopia/any other universe. I’m 100% more likely to call BS if there’s no LGBT+ in the world you have created than if I see a dragon or a society where children kill other children for entertainment.

2. The Chosen One

Yes. We get it. You’re a half-this half-that and yet you thought you were SO ORDINARY. Your parents secretly had an amazing ability and now you have a DESTINY to fulfill? Woah. I never would have guessed. (I’m only allowing Harry as an exception to this.)


3. Love Triangles

Honestly, I’m starting to think these are a myth. I have never seen a love triangle in real life and unless it’s done by Cassandra Clare, the book could do without the romantic melodrama AHH BUT NATTIE WHICH SHOULD I CHOOSE? The safe warmth of BOB or the adrenaline that makes me feel ALIVE with JACK? Puh-leaaaaase.


tumblr_m0fe82V7AV1qh2o7zo1_5004. “She released a breath she didn’t know she was holding.”

Yes I am looking at you Cassandra Clare. I am looking right at you. (Although may others do it too. I cringe and then burst out laughing every time.)

tumblr_inline_mxg8y2a7dn1r3ckz55. Insta-Love

No. Just no.

6. Everyone is white

Lack of diversity also drives me crazy. YOU’RE TRYING TO TELL ME THAT ALL PEOPLE OF COLOUR JUST DROPPED DOWN DEAD OUT FOR NO REASON? No? Then where are they???tumblr_lc3ijnT8g71qbxnmd

7. Guys with a tragic backstories that excuse all their actions

*cough* Snape *cough*


8. Boys and girls can’t last long without being more than friends

This is ridiculous and if I get frustrated enough at any one time I will probably rant about it in a post. More boy-girl friendships please??


ohheyitsaj9. All the adults are pathetic and will never understand your situation

Adults aren’t that bad. They’re not the bad guys. But I guess this group of characters is sooooo misunderstood.

10. “I’m a what?

Again, the only exception is Harry Potter. I guess this links in with being special but although it was nice at the beginning, as a reader, I much prefer for me to be saying “You’re a what?” as the author pulls out a massive plot twist (Example: basically all of Sarah J. Maas’ books.)


SOOOOO let’s talk about it. What annoying tropes have I missed off my list? What’s the worst LOVE TRIANGLE you’ve ever read about? Any tragic heroes you could never love? Leave a link to your list and I’ll make sure to check them out.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tropes I Want to Stop Reading About

  1. All of these make my list of tropes I am beyond over. Especially the ones about adults! Sure, there are awful people and awful parents out there in the world. Am I supposed to believe that the heroes/heroines of every single YA novel only have shitty adults in their lives!?


    • Exactly! That’s the main reason I instantly fall in love any time an adult is actually involved in the plot. Adults aren’t that bad!


  2. The only author I’ve ever read that actually wrote what the “releasing a breath I didn’t know I was holding” actually means was Jessica Sorensen. In one of her books when she writes “I released a trapped breath” Or something along those lines. I think that is what they mean when too many other authors are making all these character hold their breath with out knowing it. It’s a trapped breath and only one author actually wrote that, I was so very happy. Many of these tropes are over used and most of them I honestly just never think about it when reading a book, I focus more on the world building than having diverse characters or using a cliche “chosen one” scenario.

    My TTT:Marie @ Pages to Explore


  3. Your description of love triangles was PERFECT! I actually do like love triangles, but I am tired of the whole safe warmth vs. feeling alive thing. Why can’t both make the MC feel alive? Why can’t they both be safe warmth? Why can’t they both be described as actual, real, whole human beings who just make the MC feel rather than boiled down to this weird character/romance type? And #7? UGH! No amount of tragic backstory makes it ok for someone to be cruel! And #9? I know it’s not a book, but pretty much the only thing I like about Teen Wolf is that the parents ARE involved and do help. Great list!


    • Most of the love triangles I’ve read or have seen just make me hate the main character so so much and I hate it because I would have loved her if it wasn’t for her love interests. AHHHHH. Yes! Teen Wolf is great with number 9 😀 Thank you ❤


    • Whenether I read that line I will forever remember that book as a book that included it even if I forget everything else to do with the book xD


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