Everything that went down in QUEEN OF SHADOWS – the spoiler-full fangirling review

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. MaasThis post is full of spoilers for Sarah J. Maas’ fourth book in the Throne of Glass series: Queen of Shadows. If you haven’t read this book or the three before it I recommend not reading this post and coming back later! BUT, if you’ve read Heir of Fire you can read my non-spoiler review of Queen of Shadows HERE


I really wanted to make this post for a number of reasons.

  1. There is no way I can really tell you what I thought of Queen of Shadows without spoilers.
  2. One post is never enough when I want to gush over Sarah J. Maas.
  3. I ran a very detailed commentary for my friend who has read it before me which I thought would be fun to share.

SOOOO, without further ado, I present you my thoughts, my theories and stuff that I just found to be hilarious.

The Ships

IMG_1721Dorian x Aelin – most of you don’t know but I am 100% Doraelin trash. I’ve shipped them from day one and although we made no real progress in this book, I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. Throughout this whole book I had a theory that Aelin and Dorian are mates and that when she goes in to kill him  she won’t be able to because of some mate bond or whatever. We got so so close to it at one point during Aedion’s rescue but WE. NEVER. FOUND. OUT. AHHHHHHH. I still have faith. *a single tear runs down my cheek*

Chaol x Aelin – I think it’s fair to say this ship is sinking. Fast. I mean, there seems to be no hope for these two and I do feel sorry for Choalin shippers because Aelin and Chaol’s dislike of each other was really sudden. Chaol in general was a bit off but more on that later. This ship currently looks like this:


1Rowan x Aelin – This I didn’t like. Sarah J. Maas spent the entire third book building up this relationship that was VERY PLATONIC  and then pulls this trick. NO THANK YOU. And it’s not even because I ship Doraelin. Rowan has seen her naked loads of times. They’ve slept together in the same bed so many times too. Surely we’d see some kind of attraction in Heir of Fire?? This felt so rushed and so out of place.



IMG_1723Elide x Manon – Okay so apparently I am the only person in the world that thought these two would have some sort of romantic thing going on. Did nobody else feel a lot of sexual tension between these two at the beginning? Nope? JUST ME? Alright then. They had this sisterly relationship instead (sisterly might be pushing it but you have to admit that scene when Manon went to rescue her was PURE GOLD) which I adored. I really do hope they meet again and I’m sure they will even if it’s not in the next book. Manon in general was incredible in this book and she is officially a favourite of mine.

BUT the question still stands: WHERE’S THE LBGT+ AT? I think we saw for half a second that two witches within the Thirteen are together but that’s as far as the representation goes and I refuse to believe that all of our main characters are straight.

The Characters

IMG_1724 Dorian – I was HEARTBROKEN this entire book because I couldn’t stop thinking about how Dorian is suffering. Although, no, I didn’t want my fave to die, I did prefer Aelin’s plan over Chaols because she was going to do something about it whilst Chaol wasn’t exactly doing much. Those one page chapter were killing me and I hated how little we saw of Dorian. *forever crying* AND NOW THEY’RE LEAVING HIM?? ALONE?? IN A CASTLE?? BAD IDEA BAD IDEA BAD IDEA.



IMG_1725Chaol – I’ve never been the biggest fan of Chaol but I have to say his characterisation in this book was off. He was mean. He was hypocritical. He blamed Aelin for basically everything without hearing her out. This is just my opinion, but to be quite frank, he was an asshole, especially at the beginning of this book. I have to say though, extra points for Sarah J. Maas because their first meeting after Aelin arrived was so so SATISFYING.

IMG_1726Lysandra – The amount of strong female characters in this series always blows me away and Lysandra is just another perfect example of how Sarah J. Maas writes brilliant female characters. I somewhat disliked her in Assassin’s Blade but I’ve decided that both Celeana and Lysandra weren’t the nicest in those stories and I’ve come to love Lysandra so much in Queen of Shadows. Is she perfect? YES. Is she a fave? YES. Will I cry ugly tears if Maas decides to kill her off? A BIG YES.

Aelin/Manon – I feel like I hardly need to mention our main girls. They were kickass as always, two steps ahead as always. My favourite moment was probably their fight and how Aelin saved Manon because AHHH MY TWO FAVES WERE SHARING THE SAME AIR AND I WAS NOT READY FOR IT.


IMG_1727Aedion – I LOVED his character in Heir of Fire. He was so so brave and loyal towards Aelin it made my heart melt. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about him in Queen of Shadows though. Before Rowan’s arrival, he was so annoyingly possessive of Aelin. Always wanting to know where she was. Always wanting to fight her battles. His backstory is quite interesting bur right now I have a “meeeeeeh” attitude towards him. Although I have to say that the way Aelin made him happy was ADORABLE.


IMG_1737Rowan – I guess Rowan was okay in this book. As I said, the romance bothered me but alpha-male tension at the beginning was hilarious. I felt like his only purpose in this book was to out everyone on who they really are and to be a love interest so I hope we kind of step away from that in the next book although I’m sure the romance will continue for some time.

IMG_1735The Climax

Oh wow I’ve ALWAYS LOVED the climaxes of Sarah J. Maas’ books but this one was INCREDIBLE. There was SO. MUCH. GOING. ON. Let’s face it, things weren’t going great for Aelin’s court. Lorcan turned out to be an asshole (but we actually we knew that already), the Tower did not collapse at noon, Aelin almost had one of those burnouts and nothing went to plan. AHH BUT WE DID MANAGE TO destroy the glass castle and we didn’t need to kill Dorian *victory dance*

6UW3Jsl                                     IMG_1736

Everything else…

IMG_1734I’d be lying if I said the plot twists didn’t stop my heart about six times throughout this book. There was a lot of false alarms and exclamations of “WTF???” As you can probably tell, when Arobynn put that ring on her finger I was not okay. I was so angry I had to put the book down for a good 10 minutes before I calmed down enough to keep reading.

On the flip side, I also spent about 10 minutes celebrating at the words “WITCH KILLER – THE HUMAN IS STILL INSIDE HIM.” Sarah J. Maas is probably one of the only authors I’d do this for and I feel no shame. Nope. Nada.

On a more serious note, both Aedion and Rowan were talking about how they were going to make people pay for what they’ve done to Aelin whether it was Arobynn or the people in the salt mines etc. And yet Lysadra was the one that got to kill Arobynn. I could not think of a better way to kill that bastard. It wasn’t Aedion’s kill to make. It wasn’t Rowan’s. In fact, it wasn’t Aelin’s either and I’m glad Aelin recognised that. SURE, we all wanted to see him suffer (especially if you’ve read the novellas because DAMN) but Lysandra deserved to make that blow (even though I was petrified that she was going to end up dead instead the whole time).

IMG_1732Did I cry? OF COURSE I CRIED. I’m probably one of the biggest book criers you’ll ever meet. The first time was during Asterin’s story and I wish I could say that was a steady stream of tears but it wasn’t. It was ugly sobbing: next level. Since that was towards the end of the novel, some tears here and there may or may not have leaked towards the end and gosh was it hard keep a straight face when Chaol and Dorian finally reunited. *still crying in my corner*


So now that we have to wait another year for book 5, tell me what you think! Sarah J. Maas has said that she knows who Aelin will end up with (which is quite scary to think about) but WHO DO YOU SHIP? What do you think of the new characters? What will happen now that Aelin and her court are in Terrasen?


5 thoughts on “Everything that went down in QUEEN OF SHADOWS – the spoiler-full fangirling review

  1. Okay! I didn’t like the romance between Rowaelin either, I mean it was cute but they were better before.
    I’m actually surprised a lot of people didn’t see some things coming, like as soon as Arobynn put that ring on her , which I actually had a feeling he was gonna do , I knew it was a fake lol because I knew Aelin wouldn’t have been dumb enough to give him a real one. And Rowan and the necklace, I was scared for a second but I knew there was no way he would’ve done that.
    Lysandra being a shapeshifter was a nice twist, I loved her in this book! I love how Rowan just said it like it was no big deal lol. Aedion and Rowan’s relationship was amazing, I love how in the tunnels he was gonna die protecting him, aw.
    Lol I don’t think I saw any sexual tension between Elide and Manon if anything I think her and Asterin could be great but Maas is building something with her and Dorian which is a bit interesting lol but I actually think she might end up with Rowan …


    • Ahh I loved their platonic bond because it really reminded me of the parabati bond in Cassandra Clare’s books so I saw them as that throughout the whole of Heir of Fire and now it’s not that at all :C
      I guess I just kept expecting the worst from Arobynn because we know how much of a bastard he is from Assassin’s Blade. Ahh for Rowan I guess I was waiting for him to mess up so Aelin would get mad at him and they wouldn’t end up together *hides* I know that’s really bad to wish for but ehh I’m so not on board with this ship.
      Ahh I forgot about the Aedion x Rowan relationship! That moment did make me tear up a little c:
      HONESTLY IT WAS ONLY ME and look back on it I don’t know where I got it from xD I did think about Manon and Asterin and that would be lovely. My friend did think Manon and Dorian will be a thing though which I’m nervous about 😐 SO MANY SHIPS AHHH The next book can flip everything around and none of us are ready ahhhh

      Liked by 1 person

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