About me

Hi there! It seems you have found my blog. I’m Nattie, I’m a 16 year old fangirl from England and I’ll be your book blogger for today.


I really wish I could tell you I am one of those people that grew up with reading and titles such as Harry Potter and authors such as Lemony Snicket. But that would be lie. Reading didn’t really come into my life until about the age of 11 when I started secondary school and I found myself in a proper library for the first time. From then on I became a steady reader, completing a few books a month. Nothing crazy that could have been compared to my current reading patters.

I guess what really pulled me in and got me excited about reading was the book Divergent by Veronica Roth in early January of 2014. It was only one book but one book was all I needed to fall into reading like maniac. Nowadays you’ll probably find at least three books waiting by my bed and my e-reader overflowing with titles to be read should I have a spare minute or a bus journey to take. I’m guilty of infecting multiple people with the reading vibes – does that make sense? – as well as having friends that probably think I’m a bit weird for reading so much. Sometimes I fall into reading slumps which can last months which sucks but, hey, what can you do?

My favourite genre is probably fantasy and it’s also what I read the most of. I can’t last long without a healthy dose of demons, magic and epic battles.


When I’m not under a blanket reading a book, I’m probably binge watching yet another show on Netflix with a mug of green tea in my hand. I’m a fan of junk food although I’m trying to eat healthier. My procrastination method of choice is baking or tumblr, depends whether the kitchen or the computer is closer. I’m simply that lazy.

You can find all my social media on the sidebar on the left!


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    • Hi! Thank you so much darling! I’ll definitely do it soon I promise but I’ve already got a tag/answering questions thing for this month but yupp definitely in October C: Thank you!

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